Best Nail Salons in Canberra

Best Nail Salons in Canberra

There is no better feeling than getting your nails done. The colour, shine and gloss of freshly painted nails just lifts your confidence a notch or two. Many places claim to be the best nail salon in Canberra, but the three venues outlined below are genuine contenders for this title.


Located on level one of Bailey’s corner on London Circuit, NONO Nail is a both a professional nail art and beauty salon. Using only the most high-end nail varnish and eyelash products, which they source from Korea and Japan, they offer a complimentary manicure using spa treatment for all of their nail sessions. The technicians here can be considered artists with intricate nail designs that will blow your mind. Some of the designs can take a few hours to complete. But for the quality of the work you get, and the level of customer service they offer, the cost is very reasonable indeed.

Gentle Nails

An accomplished nail and waxing salon on Bunda Street in Canberra, many people see Gentle Nails as the Best Nail Salon in Canberra, on account of it being more affordable than many other places in the city. Offering a lovely range of colours and patterns to suit all skin types and tones, the technicians here are renowned for being very skilled and highly personable. Easy to get to and with plenty of parking available, the setting is lovely as well. With pleasant décor, comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere, creating the perfect environment in which to get your nails done.

Tip Toe Nail Salon

Giving you the opportunity to shine from head to toe, Tip Toe Nail Salon is a professional salon located in Dickson, just outside of Canberra. Offering a range of nail services, as well as waxing, eyelash extensions and manicures and pedicures, the salon has a cool, relaxed vibe, with good music, lovely décor and plenty of light. Specialising in acrylic, artificial and gel nails, they boast a lovely selection of colours, as well as the best quality and least toxic products possible. Their staff are highly skilled, and very personable, and their prices are pretty reasonable considering the quality of the work they do.