Best Hairdressers in Hobart

Best Hairdressers in Hobart

When it comes to getting your hair cut, coloured or styled in Hobart, the city has a number of excellent coiffeurs. We’ve done our research to find the Best Hairdresser in Hobart and have discovered that the three venues showcased below, all of which are located in the CBD, are well deserving of this title.

Eye Am Hair

Situated in a quiet corner of the Red Square on Evans Street, Eye Am Hair is a well-established player on the Hobart hairdressing scene. Established in 2015 by Chelsea De Main, they offer two fully climate controlled and architecturally designed salons that are housed within adjacent customised caravans. Named Nancy and Rusty, they are run by experienced stylists who have been hired for their congenial personalities and outstanding skill and knowledge base. An organic salon, who is committed to reduce its impact on the environment, Eye Am Hair donates your cut hair to the Macquarie Point permaculture waste initiative, which subsequently puts them into a worm farm.

Sfumato Hair

For many people Sfumato Hair is the Best Hairdresser in Hobart. Having proudly partnered with Sustainable Salons they operate with the aim of creating a better planet. They do this by supporting disability workers, providing food for homeless people and turning their waste into products that can save the planet. The salon, which is located on Collins Street is modern, warm and inviting. While their award winning team of stylists includes a three time winner of Tasmanian Hairdresser of the year. They are not the cheapest salon in town by any stretch. But they will give you a quality hairdo you will be proud of.

Jakadjari Hair Australia

For almost 30 years Jakadjari has been a stalwart of the Hobart hairdressing scene. Offering a total styling experience, their award-winning salon is situated in the heart of the CBD at Murray Street. Spread across 3 floors, within a stunning Tasmanian heritage building, it boasts a sleek, upscale interior that is set up with all the latest salon equipment. Specialising in a range of colour treatments, the highly skilled and creative team believe that your hair is an extension of your personality. So always go the extra mile to provide you with a finished style that is precisely, and definitively, ‘you’.