Best Fish and Chips in Adelaide

Best Fish and Chips in Adelaide

Fish and chips are as popular today as ever, especially in a city like Adelaide that loves good food. While the best fish and chips in Adelaide is very much up for debate, there are a number of venues within the city that can easily lay claim to that title. Below are three such establishments.

Fish Out of Water

Having been awarded the title of ‘best fish and chips in South Australia’ the last three years in a row, Fish Out of Water is an institution in the city. Located in Hyde Park, they have a very simple mission. To be the greatest fish and chips shop in the universe! Believing in the simple equation that Fish + Chips = happy, they pride themselves on offering fantastic tasting food, that is skillfully made, with the freshest of ingredients. Combined with fast and friendly service, their prices are very reasonable indeed, considering the high quality of meal they serve to you.

Sotos Fish Shop

Whilst Fish Out of Water might have won the awards over the last three years, many people still view Sotos Fish Shop as dishing up the best fish and chips in Adelaide. Situated in Semaphore they have been serving top quality fare to locals since 1949. Well known for making fish and chips in the traditional, old fashioned way, their chips are not frozen, but rather are freshly peeled and cut in-store every single day. Striving to source the best quality potatoes they can find from their supplier network; they make their own homemade chicken salt to put on the chips, which are absolutely delicious.

The Stunned Mullet

The Stunned Mullet has been a favourite in Henley Beach since it was established in 2005. Run by Dino and Amanda Papadopoulos, who have been involved in the seafood industry for over 30 years, they offer local and sustainable seafood in a bustling, fun shop, that is always busy. With a focus on giving their customers a dedicated, professional service, they aim to support and showcase the local seafood industry through their menu of mouthwatering fish dishes like coral perch, barramundi and garfish. In addition to their fish, they also serve up a number of classics like spring roll andchicko rolls as well as more inventive snacks like samosas!