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Olive Gap Organic Farm

At Olive Gap Farm, we grow and distill pure certified organic Tea Tree Oil essential oil, direct from our pristine Australian farm. Our essential oils are wood fire steam distilled onsite in small batches, completely off grid keeping intact the natural spirit of the Bandjalang Country. We believe our tea tree oil is the greenest and greenest essential oil you can get. Certified organic, carbon positive & traditionally crafted just for you. Our Tea Tree Oil is Australia's little medicine cabinet in a bottle. Traditionally crafted, with it's roots in ancient wisdom. Our certified organic essential oils are handcrafted in small batches, off-grid, using wood-fire steam distillation. This means whether you're using it for natural health and beauty or eco cleaning, you can trust you are sourcing the purest, most sustainably produced essential oil available.

255 The Gap Road Woodburn NSW 2472

0439 605 333

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