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Better Backs Chiropractic & Natural Products

Do you wish to go for a natural process for your health condition? Then, your search ends at Better Backs. Since 2010, we’re established and our main goal is to provide wellness that is safe, gentle and completely natural. We offer the best chiropractic, orthotics and naturopathy care in Richmond and nearby areas. Everyone deserves a healthy living. So, with the best cutting-edge technology, we provide the best services. We do this to provide quality and affordable care to you and your whole family. Our variety of services include: Chiropractic care, Custom made orthotics, Naturopath, Remedial massage, Group pilates, Dry needling, Lifestyle and wellness advice, Nutritional and supplementation solutions for many types of conditions, Sleep assessments. Our service areas include Richmond, Mitcham, Vermont, Blackburn, Ringwood and other nearby areas. We also offer on-call home service. So, if you want to take a session from us, do call or visit our website and grab more information

9 Station Street Mitcham VIC 3132

03 9873 7373

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