Yennora Copper Recycling

Address: 31 The Promonade Yennora NSW 2161

Phone: 422225001


Description: Yennora Copper Recycling has been a copper scrap recycler for decades now. As one of the pioneers in this industry we have perfected the art of sorting through scrap, finding value and repurposing scrap copper to create new copper products. Copper is just such a versatile metal used in almost every industry. Thanks to its excellent electrical conductivity you find it in electrical equipment, roofing materials, and even cookware. We’ve contributed significantly to reducing the amount of scrap metal that ends up in landfills. Not only that, but we’ve paid all our customers good money for their copper scrap. As a non-ferrous metal, copper is more resistant to corrosion and is worth more than ferrous metals. Because of its value and the subsequent market fluctuations in the price, prices for your copper scrap can only be quoted on an individual basis.

Category: Metal Fabrication

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