Wello 2

Address: F26/122-126 Old Pittwater Rd Brookvale NSW 2100

Phone: 0409767283

Description: Wello is recommended to anyone of you out there who wants to have a better respiratory well-being. When you have a better quality of breathing, you support your body’s vitality and ultimately your life quality. I also recommend the device for people who, for whatever reason, cannot seem to keep up with their fitness through adequate exercise. WellO2 breathing therapy can help you deal with breathing problem while sitting at a kitchen table. WellO2 Benefits that your body will be grateful for: Improving your respiratory well-being Strengthening your respiratory muscles Increasing breathing efficiency Moisturizing airways and reducing irritation Improving everyday performance Increasing your overall health Improving chest wall mobility Reducing stress by doing breathing exercises Improving your sleep

Category: Health

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