Business Name: Telcoworks

Address: Level 29 Chifley Tower, 2 Chiflley Square Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 1300 86 87 88

Category: Web Hosting

official business logo of Telcoworks

Description: A 1300 number (or 1-300 number) is classified as an inbound service because it charges the inbound call to the business receiving the inbound call. Other networks include outbound, mobile, satellite, VoIP etc. A 1300 number inbound service connects with the various other networks to deliver the 1300 number call to the business receiving the 1300 number call. 1. Most widely recognised marketing number in Australia. Look around... 1300 numbers are used everywhere by small and large businesses. 2. Just the cost of a local call to anywhere across Australia. The cost is now included in most mobile phone plans. 3. With us, no software or hardware required. It's all cloud based. 4. A wide variety of hosting plans to suit start-up businesses through to corporate customers. 5. Each 1300 Number comes with a suite of cloud-based call management features. Ask about our unique NBN Disaster Recovery tool.

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