Tekcel CNC Routers

Address: 64 Beringarra Avenue Malaga WA 6090

Phone: 0892486344

Description: Tekcel CNC router machine has more than 20 years of innovative CNC cutting solutions for industries including Signmaking, Graphics & Print Finishing, Cabinetry, Woodworking, Plastic Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, Boat Building, Set / Prop Making, Packaging, Solid Surface and many more. We can tailor the CNC routing machine to meet the demands of your business and your budget. We have CNC routing machines to suit any project for both large and small companies alike. Tekcel CNC routing supplier specialises in matching machinery to customer’s unique needs and budgets. You can choose time-saving features like automated tool changing and multi bore drill banks. Tekcel CNC router machine can even load sheet material and unload the processed parts of the bed automatically. You can work with almost any industry-standard CAD/CAM software on the market too. At Tekcel we focus on innovation, customization and exceptional service. We deliver high productivity and remarkable cut quality at an affordable price. Each bespoke CNC router machine in Perth is built to exact standards.

Category: Manufacturing

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