Renewed after 50

Business Name: Renewed after 50

Address: 5 St Columbs St Hawthorn VIC 3153

Phone: 0412 589 185

Category: Carpenter

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Description: Renewed After 50 offers group fitness classes, strength training and exercises for older adults in Hawthorn, Melbourne. You’ll soon discover that our Women’s fitness classes are not what you expect! They’re challenging, never the same, and fun. Yes, fun! It’s not going to be a “hop on a treadmill or stationary bike for twenty minutes” workout. Instead, these strength training sessions for Women are different each time. The classes focus on complex exercises that challenge you physically and mentally. That may sound scary, but it really makes sense. Complex exercises are the difference between a burpee and a push-up or a plain step up and a step up with a bicep curl. (If you’re not familiar with these terms yet, don’t worry. You will be!) Basically, in our group training sessions for women rather than working just one area at a time, you engage your whole body and mind. We’ll challenge you with a wide variety of increasingly progressive and different exercises. Every session will be different, so your body and mind will get good at adapting to all different types of exercise and movements! Not bad, right? Since every session is different, I’ll describe what a few sessions might be like. For instance, one day, we might use resistance bands to improve strength and balance. Another benefit of a resistance band workout is that we know it strengthens bones, tendons, and fascia. Another day, we might combine cardio with weights to intensify the workout. Then, we might add in some body resistance exercises, like planks or wall sits, to improve balance, strength, and flexibility. The possibilities are endless, but each activity is based on you and making you stronger: fitness classes are specifically designed for older adults. And, after six months, you're going to notice you have learned hundreds of different movements and exercises. Not only will you be physically stronger, you’ll also be mentally stronger. You’ll have bu

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