Quantus Solutions

Address: 36 Abel Street Wallsend NSW 2287

Phone: 0473 473 799

Description: Daniel Roberts Newcastle is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and holds the qualifications of BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying, a Post Graduate Certificate in Construction Law, Advanced Diploma in Building and a Cert 4 in Construction Management. Daniel is a registered site supervisor Builder experienced in all projects both residential and commercial. Daniel is founder of Quantus Solutions a boutique multi disciplinary builder based in Newcastle NSW that focuses on research and development in the sustainable projects and construction development sector. Daniel is a property investor, developer and has worked are all stages of the construction from concept to completion. Daniel offers a consultancy and hands on connection to a project. Daniel has a pragmatic approach, can find a solution to any project problem at any stage. Daniel radiates autotomy and focused on solutions ordinated outcomes. Daniel is a councilor and mentor to a range of individuals and advocate for personal growth, Win Win Win solutions to all project stages. Raised in the north of England, his father is a traditional plasterer and passed on timeless knowledge of construction methodologies. Daniel is a safe pair of hands for any project, a student of ethics and professional conduct, a student of growth and personal sovereignty. Daniel is founder of a range of companies and is a natural leader for vertically integrated businesses. Single source companies that are sovereign, produce value from the business cycle rather than traditional consulting, for example, changing the use of a building or increasing the yield of a parcel of land. This added value is remunerated without debate and is superior to more traditional consulting and building models that involve working with or against others. Daniel prepares and lays the foundations for a new approach to business, identifying the added value yield, the safe, harmonious value add and exponential benefits both financial and energetically.

Category: Builder

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