Nicole Gordon

Address: Werribee VIC 3030

Phone: 0422 213 788

Description: You were born with the believe you have unlimited confidence, potential and self-esteem. Yet, somehow life has ebbed away at you and you find yourself in the situation you are today. Whether that be anxiety, fear, panic attacks, or constant negative thinking. If you have something in your life you don’t want, it’s because you have the wrong beliefs. However, you weren’t born with these beliefs you acquired them and I’m here to tell you beliefs can easily be changed. My sessions get to the root cause of the issue of the negative beliefs and we then change the meaning or the interpretation you have to these events. Once you understand why you have these beliefs, you are free, you are empowered and transformed. Contact me today or visit my website to see how I can help you overcome the challenges you may be facing.

Category: Hypnotherapy

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