Bio DoUgh

Address: 5 Forest Close Northmead NSW 2152

Phone: 0411128907

Description: Bio DoUgh is a natural, scented modelling dough made and sourced in Australia. It is also an Australian family owned business. All ingredients are food graded. Flour Salt Oil... So in case a child eats it by mistake it is harmless. The lab test proved that Bio Dough is as safe as food. That said Bio Dough is a TOY not food. The taste is too salty to discourage consumption as mentioned on the packaging! It has a 2 years shelf life if left unopened. Once used it could to be kept for 6 months. But we advise to be disposed after 3 months as a precaution for any crosscontamination. Bio DoUgh is rehydratable. If kept outside to dry a bit, few drops of water can bring it to its original texture. Our main goal is to provide kids with the safest dough having the best texture and stimulating scents! Bio Dough took 3 years of trials and testing before being launched into the Australian market. It was perfected by food experts and technologists.

Category: Professional Services

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