Advanced Disability Management

Address: Cairns QLD 2010

Phone: +618741000000

Description: We use cookies to enable essential functionality on our website, and analyze website traffic . Caring for someone with high needs is a specialist job requiring specialist training. But all too often, this task falls at the feet of families and friends. Advanced Disability Management Cairns Although well-intentioned with the disability services commission, the government has only recently moved disability support into the focus it needs with the introduction of the NDiS. More and more people with disabilities are seeing the benefits of taking control of their own lives, and the challenges placed before them. In turn, improving the lives of their careers, their families, and the people who love them. The NDIS has allowed people with severe disabilities to decide for themselves where and how those services are delivered. At its core, our goal is to deliver the best of the best opportunities for people with severe and permanent disabilities with no age limit to encourage a fulfilling lifestyle. Benefits

Category: Aged Care Facilities

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