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THE Shed Company

THE Shed Company Darwin is owned and operated by Jake Earl. Along with his close knit team, this outlet is Darwin’s leading supplier of quality, custom designed and manufactured steel sheds. Shed design and engineering in the Top End needs to account for the Northern Territory’s tropical climate, heavy downpours, cyclonic conditions and hot climate. THE Shed Company Darwin carries out the process of site specific engineering on every portal frame shed project. Giving you further assurance, THE Shed Company is ShedSafe accredited; meaning our engineering and designs meet the strict requirements of the Building Code of Australia. Using our industry-leading pre-engineered design software, sheds and covers can be custom designed. Dimensions (height, span, length and bay width) can be adjusted in 100mm increments plus there is a range of design options that add value and function.

Lot 31 De Caen Close Virginia NT 0834

0437 407 388

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